About Us

Roger L. Moore founded Onyx Media and Marketing Group, Inc. (OMAMGROUP) in June of 2001 after generating revenues and managing properties for several Fortune 500 companies during the past 20 years.  Call the ONYX Media Group and Roger at (972) 765-7945.

Roger was educated at Detroit Northeastern High School, receiving an Associate’s Degree at Macomb Community College (Warren, MI) and a Bachelor Degree in Visual Communications at the University of Phoenix Campus in Cedar Hill. Texas. His parents raised him in Detroit where he was exposed to many a radio and television communicators, which ultimately became Roger’s “labor of love.”  His father to Mr. T.E. Britton taught him specifically to have Faith in God, and to plan your work with service and satisfaction saying “The sky is your only limit.” Roger and Onyx Media and Marketing Group, Inc. have provided cost effective, efficient service and a loyal customer base in the emerging markets of Warren, Michigan, Alexandria, Louisiana, Rochester NY, Buffalo NY, Jacksonville, Florida, Savannah, Georgia, the  Dallas and Irving Texas marketplaces, Kirkland Washington,  and throughout America’s North and South .

Mr. Moore has parlayed his experiences in the senior management of several media communications companies of AT&T-U-Verse, Clear Channel, Reliant Energy, Reach Media, Inc., and diverse management systems to bring the technical accomplishments, staff customer relations and professionalism to clients through myriad services.

The OMAMGROUP has expertise in diversity, encouraging the employment and education through compliance for his teams through the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Onyx Group encourages personnel grow throughout the company.  Its diverse divisions have over 20+ years in all aspects of startup, advertising, creative design, promotion and rebranding strategies. Also important to the growth of business is account team development, lease negotiations, setting up broadcast facilities, e-marketing, forecasting, retail front and back stores so that the accounting, sales, and marketing departments have proved exemplary in cost containment and profit.

They include working on long and short formatted programming for the ABC Radio Networks, creating the Empowering moments for Bishop T.D. Jakes, Syndication One producing and imaging for the Tom Joyner Morning Show. The list of satisfied clients include: Clear Channel of Savannah, GA, T-Mobile, United Communications of Jacksonville, FL, Stokes Toyota of Beaufort, SC, Krystal Hamburgers of Tennessee, and Direct TV of Warren, MI.

The OMAMGROUP is professionally certified and significantly tested in the challenges of forecasting, sales, advertising, marketing, management, production skills, and technical areas.  These areas include:

•    Adobe After/FX
•    Adobe In-Design
•    Adobe  Illustrator
•    Adobe Photoshop
•    Audio and Video Streaming
•    CS5
•    Final Cut Pro
•    FTP Servers
•    Graphic Design,  Illustrator and other Creative Servicing
•    Microsoft Application (i.e.) Word Excel, Power point
•    Photoshop
•    Pro Tools
•    Word Press

Roger L. Moore and the Onyx Media Group, Inc., look forward to helping you grow your intellectual property licenses by listening to your concerns and creating the appropriate strategies.  The Onyx Media Group Inc professional services departments and networking with “business know how” that will provide your concern with  a distinctive differential in today’s competitive marketplace .


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